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If you read my Guardian Angel story, Miracles Do Happen, you will understand how important my family is to me!  I thank God for that Heavenly Messenger's protection that brisk day in October, 1993!

I became a "childhood believer" in our Lord Jesus.  My parents saw to it that I was able to attend Sunday School in our small "chapel" in town every Sunday.  Then in the summer, I was a member of the summer Bible School.

When I was old enough, I was able to bike into town to my Church services and Summer Bible School.  When I was older still, I became a Sunday School teacher, and pianist for Sunday services.

I met my husband and our first date was going to the Church Choir practice which I directed.  I looked over at him in the small tenor section, and these 'words of wisdom' came to me, "You're going to marry him!"  We are "twins" because we were born on the same day in the same year of our Lord!  I'm six hours older, so I get to make all the "big" decisions!

In 1989 we discovered that our family was a natural quartette.  That's us in the picture above this paragraph!  We sang regularly for 14 years as the Amerine Family Singers in various church services, concerts, and musical presentations.  We loved it!

Now I play piano for the small ensemble at our church's contemporary services, and my daughter and her husband and my husband are part of the vocal Praise Team.  My grandson plays the keyboard, and wow!  We love our music!

I had fabricated custom draperies for 27 years when the Lord took away all the joy I had in the construction of window treatments.  That is when I became interested in the computer, and decided that my "in-come would come-in" from my internet activities.  I love working on the sites I have developed.  I especially love "AngelTouchesPublishing" because I now can truly publish my own works! I write Jr. High Christian Musicals, both the scripts and all the music!  I will be putting them out for others to produce in the near future here at!  Wait and look for them.

In closing, please leave a greeting in the Guestbook, or enter a message in my "Shoutbox" on the Home page.  I'm looking forward to welcoming you to the Membership Community and hearing and publishing all of your Guardian Angel Encounters and your stories and poems!

Till later....Blessings!

Kathlene Amerine, Admin, AngelTouchesPublishing


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