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Did You Have A Guardian Angel Encounter?

You may have had an angel encounter that you were totally unaware of!  If you remembered an incident in your life that you felt you were being protected by your guardian angel, I want to offer space for your story on the "Stories And More page"! 

On the bottom of this page, there is a form that you can fill out and send to me, telling all about that special encounter you had with your Guardian Angel.  Give all the details in the "first person" style of story telling.  Put down as many details that you can put into your story. Your story will be edited and will be published within the "Stories And More" page.  Allow the editors time to upload your story, then come back to  to read your own personal story!

Share this URL with your friends and family so that they can read the exciting details about your very own, personal encounter with your Guardian Angel!

Readers Share Their Angel Encounters With Us


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