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Bible Study Of The Book Of Romans


The Art Of Preaching

An Informal Exposition of Scripture


By reading Scripture within a particular framework of time, you, too, can learn how to take a book of the Bible down to 280-310 words, composing your very own “Bible Quick Read” !

© 2007 K R Amerine


This technique was taught to the group leaders of a Bible study through BSF, the Bible Study Fellowship program.  We began by setting up a 32 week schedule of reading and studying a cherished book of God’s word!


I will be presenting an exposition of our study of the Book of Romans. The study ran for 32 weeks and was then divided down into the following weekly chapters studied during that set interval.


Your Bible Study of Romans Outline

Time Frame-Verses Studied and Title of Study

Week 1         Introduction to Romans    The Worlds Most Influential Letter

Week 2          Romans 1: 1-17              Paul and Paul’s Gospel

Week 3          Romans 1:18-32             God’s Wrath Against Mankind

Week 4          Romans 2:1-29               No Excuses For Anyone

Week 5          Romans 3:1-20               No One Is Righteous

Week 6          Romans 3:21-26             How God Saves Sinners        

Week 7          Romans 3:27-31             Justification By Grace Thru Faith Alone

Week 8          Romans 4:1-25               The Gospel Proved From Scripture

Week 9          Romans 5:1-11               Standing In Grace

Week 10          Romans 5:12-21            Union With Christ

Week 11          Romans 6:1-11              Death To Sin

Week 12          Romans 6:12-23            No Way To Go But Forward 

Week 13          Romans 7:1-25              Law And Gospel  

Week 14          Romans 8:1-17              Life In The Spirit

Week 15          Romans 8:18-27            Our Future Glory

Week 16          Romans 8:28-39            No Separation From God’s Love

Week 17          Romans 9:1-5                Paul And His People

Week 18          Romans 9:6-29              The Justification of God

Week 19          Romans 9:30-10:13        Jewish Unbelief

Week 20          Romans 10:14-21           A Plea For Missions

Week 21          Romans 1:1-24               The Times sOf The Gentiles

Week 22          Romans 112:25-32          Salvation For Israel

Week 23          Romans 11:33-38            Glory To God Alone

Week 24          Romans 12:1-2               Developing A Christian Mind

Week 25          Romans12:3-8                The Christian And Other People

Week 26          Romans 12:9-21             The Law Of Love

Week 27          Romans 13:1-7               Church And State

Week 28          Romans 13:8-14             Understanding The Times

Week 29          Romans 14:1-23             Christian Liberty

Week 30          Romans 15:1-13             Christian Responsibility

Week 31          Romans 15:14-33           Paul’s Ministry And Future Plans

Week 32          Romans 16:1-27             The Church In Corinth




Here Is How You Will Begin!

Now that you have seen the breakdown of the study verses with a Titled Sub Heading, the rest should be easy for you!  Commit yourself now to reading God’s Word from Romans.


Homeletics is just a matter of “doing the outline” of the verses listed for study. You learned how to “outline” when you were in Middle or High School.  I will be presenting several of my own “out-lines” chosen randomly from the above verses to show you how I got the Subject Sentences.




You Are Learning How To Prepare Homiletics!

Let’s Begin:


Your outline will consist of:


A  What Is it About?


(Topics or events to outline, you will need 10-20.  You may use phrases if you like.)


B  Divisions


(Titles, 3 or 4 short  sentences.  These are squeezed down content from your “What Is It About?” paragraph.


C  Subject Sentence


(In TEN WORDS, this is further condensation.  Look at the Divisions and take them down to ONE SENTENCE.  This becomes the FIRST LINE of your ”Quick Bible Read.” © 2007 K R Amerine)


Now, that wasn’t hard, was it?


First Example Taken From Week 2—Romans 1:1-17


A  What Is It About?  (Topics or events, need 10 to 20. You may use phrases if you like.)


1        RM 1:1-4  Paul introduces his letter, declaring who he is in Jesus Christ to the “New Christians” in Rome.


2        RM 1:5-6  Paul tells the “New Christians” that they, too, are called to apostleship as they, in obedience, tell the Word to all Jews and Gentiles.


3        RM 1:7     Paul gives his salutation to all in Rome who are loved by God and called to be saints and blesses them with grace and peace through God and Jesus Christ.


4        RM 1:8-10          The “New Christians” in Rome are told how they are constantly in Paul’s prayers, and how he prays that at last, he may come to see them by God’s will.


5        RM 1:11-12          Paul tells them that he longs to see them and encourage them in their faith life.


6        RM 1:13-15          He wants them to know he has tried desperately to see them, to harvest them as he has done among the Gentiles, and how eager he is to preach the Gospel to them.


7        RM 1:16-17          Paul says openly that he is not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is by the power of God for the Salvation of all, Jews and Gentiles, and has been revealed through the righteousness of God for the faithful.


B  Divisions (Titles, 3 or 4 short sentences, further condensation.)


First              RM 1:1-7  Paul addersses his letter to the New Christians in Rome.


Second          RM 1:8-12          Paul thanks God for all of the New Christians, and tells them he is longing to see them.


Third            RM 1:13-15          Paul tells them he is obligated to all, and that he is eager to preach to them.


Fourth           RM 1:16-17          Paul is not ashamed of the Gospel.


C  Subject Sentence (In TEN words, further condensation.  Look at Divisions and take down to ONE sentence.)


“Paul unashamedly writes encouraging Gospel truth to the Roman Christians.”


(Count Them! There Are Only Ten Words!)


Second Example Taken From Week 8—Romans 5:1-11


A  What Is It About?  (Topics or events, need 10 to 20. You may use phrases if you like.)


1        RM 5:1-1          Through Jesus Christ, access to God’s glory is gained and we rejoice in God’s glory, it is our promised hope.


2        RM 5:3-4  We rejoice in our sufferings and that teaches us perseverance, character and hope.


3        RM 5:5     God gives us hope through the Holy Spirit.


4        RM 5:6-8  Christ died for ungodly, powerless sinners at just the right time.


5        RM 5:9     We are justified by Christ’s blood and saved from God’s wrath.


6        RM 5;10   Even as we were enemies to God, He reconciled us to Himself through Jesus death.


7        RM 5:11   We rejoice in this reconciliation though Jesus Christ.


B  Divisions     (Titles, 3 or 4 short sentences, further condensation.)


First              RM 5:1-2          Jesus is our “channel” to God’s glory.


Second          RM 5:3-5          Sufferings bring about “attitude adjustments.”


Third            RM 5:6-11          Powerless sinners are brought to conciliation     

through the blood.


C  Subject Sentence  (In TEN words, further condensatin, look at Divisions and take down to ONE sentence.)


Powerless sinners escape God’s wrath by reconciliation through Jesus’s blood.”


(Count Them!  There Are Only Ten Words!)


That’s it!  You can do it!  Begin reading the Book of Romans today and compose your very own “Bible Quick Read”!  © 2007 K R Amerine


All Rights Reserved




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