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Who? Me Lord?

Note:The author has dedicated this eBook to our Lord Jesus

Christ. This book is about the truth, about why sometimes we

ask Him, who me or why me Lord.


Chapter one

When we have that calling from God’s grace why

is it we always ask, “Why me lord?”. (And we all

do have a special purpose for our lives).

But most will never know why we are here or the

purpose of why God created us, even if we are

saved and a believer in Jesus Christ.


This Bible Study eBook is to help any one to see His

grace and

come to understand more about why we are here

on this planet called Earth and to answer some of

life’s mysteries.


We will start from the basics.

First, we are saved not by our works or any thing

we can do or say. But by one way only.


By Grace we are saved and not of ourselves lest

any man should boast. Ephesians 2:8-9. It is

called GRACE.

In John 3:1-18 (and there are so many other

passages), the Lord makes it clear.


We have to be born again and that is by one way

only—His way—simply believing in Jesus Christ!

In your own mind tell God the Father, “I believe

in Jesus Christ, the true gospel.” THAT’S IT.

That’s all we can do and from that moment on,

you are saved and you can never lose your



YOU Are SAVED and that’s God’s word!

There is so much confusion and so many people

saying you have to invite Christ into your heart:

results, still unsaved. You must believe in

Jesus Christ as your Savior!


The God Head wants us all to be saved, and Jesus

did die as a substitute for all of us on the cross. I,

too want you to be saved, and it is time for all of

us to grow in the grace and knowledge of Him by

the means of Bible doctrines.


In Matthew 15:9, 1Timothy 2:16 and so many

more Bible verses, He calls us to grow in our

spiritual life and that means knowledge of Him.


To come to know someone, you must spend a

little time with that person. And the only way we

can know His spirit, is to grow in a spiritual

phenomenon. And to do that God says, “I will

give you a Teacher.” God the Holy Spirit is that



But He also gave to men special spiritual gifts of

teachers and Pastor-Teachers. But one thing they

don’t realize is to teach us these things, they must

teach us from what the original scriptures say.

Not from the English translations, but from the

original way in which it was written…in the time

it was written…and the exegesis. That means:

Word by word translation from the Greek or the

Hebrew languages.


No, I’m not saying we are to know these

languages. Remember, Moses and Paul and all the

others writers, wrote them in these languages.

The English and the texts of today are poorly

miss-translated. But we are commanded to learn

His special doctrines or teachings for the new

church age.


First Peter 2:9a tells us: “But you are a chosen

people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people

belonging to God”.


That’s what the word Church really means; not

the building, but the believers. To build His

church, He’s talking to you and about you. For

you see we are His royal family, to share all He

has and to receive His inheritance. Is that not what

He says?


And to put it in proper order we have a special

protocol to follow. In His word he says we are to

hear the word, not read it. Let me explain what I

mean here.


First of all even Moses, Paul and Peter and all the

rest were commanded to take in Bible doctrine

also. In the Old and New Testaments, all are

commanded to take in doctrine.


But for the Church we are a new spiritual species;

with new teachings, even one that Moses said he

wished he could live to see. People, look at the

scriptures—it’s there!


But we must be taught by hearing and being

before God day by day; and by the right Pastor-

Teacher. Yes, He gives us all a right Pastor-

Teacher also. Just as He designed a right man and

right woman, He designed us all a right Pastor-

Teacher to teach us all these things.


See it’s not up to our human I.Q or our

intelligences and our education or how we look.

It all depends on God and the filling of the Holy



Filling means: One drop, or one step at a time.

Which means one day at a time!

When we are born again, God gives us thirty-nine

more Spiritual things. To know them we have to

learn about them, and that comes by daily hearing

the word.


God gave us 24 hours a day, He just wants us to

give Him at least one hour a day to be filled with

His spirit, to learn His way.


Is that not fair, or what?


For you see, He also gave us ten problem-solving

devices, which are also listed in the Bible. (I have

the King James Version and a few more translated

into English. It is about the closest we have to the

original translation, but it is a poor translation,



So all you Pastor-Teachers, feed your sheep the

truth that comes from Bible doctrine!

(I am writing from doctrine today because my

right Pastor-Teacher is feeding me. I have been

listening for over 23 years learning Bible doctrine,

which comes to 12-thousand hours of day by day

Bible teaching from original words written by

God. My Pastor-Teacher has a website at:


All his tapes and books are free; no charge;

postage free shipping to any where in the world.


In the next chapter, I address what comes after

salvation. We are called to grow in the Grace and

knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

This is our first commandment, first things first,

and the rest falls into place.



Chapter Two

After salvation we all are called to a high

command that ‘each one of us has something

special, designed just for us.’

But to fill this commandment, we have to learn

his Bible doctrines (the Word), in a day-by-day

walk with Him.


Second Timothy 3:16-17 says ‘All Scripture is

God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking,

correcting and training in righteousness, so that

the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for

every good work’.


Instructions of His word are to be edified each day

and to understand the things of the Spirit, we must

be filled with the Spirit.


But you see, there’s also a set back as it is written:

we are all sinners and fall short of the glory of



But in Gods Grace, He took care of that too! We

call it ‘rebound’.


First John 1:9 says we are to name our sins to God

the Father, and He is just and will forgive us our

sins and all past sins. We start fresh every time!

Now that is Grace!


But that’s not a weekly or monthly thing. It is a

moment-by-moment thing, as it occurs, every

time! Or as soon as possible. For you see, Jesus

Christ died for ALL SINS!


But till we ‘rebound’, naming of our sins to God

the Father only, we will remain out of fellowship

with Him until we do! That is why it is called



To understand the Word of God, we must be ‘in

fellowship with Him’. If we are out of fellowship

with Him, our prayers cannot be heard!


That is why it is so important to name our sins to

God each and every time we sin. If you look at

First John 1:8-10, it says: We are sinners and we

will sin, it is in our old sin nature’.


Problem Solving Device Number One

First John 1:9 says: ‘…To name our sins to God

the Father and He is just and He will forgive us

and forget our sins.’


They are now blotted out. There is so much more

to learn here about this great blessing and mercy

God has given us. Thank God for Grace! Don’t

you agree?


Problem Solving Device Number Two

Problem solving device Number Two is

recovering and being filled with The Holy Spirit.

In Ephesians Paul wrote to us to tell us to walk in

the Spirit.


By means of the Spirit, as quoted from First John

1:9: ‘No one who is born of God will continue to

sin, because God’s seed remains in him, he cannot

go on sinning, because he has been born of God’

this happens the moment we rebound or recover

fellowship with God.


The book of Ephesians was written for all of us in

the church age dispensation. We must know it.

For the only way we can understand the words of

the Spirit of God is by being in fellowship with

God, NOT with people.


There is a big, big difference in Divine viewpoint

and human viewpoint.


Problem Solving Device Number Three

This device is called the faith—rest—drill.

We are called to name some promises in the word

of God and rest in what He says. There are many

Promises in the scriptures.

Hebrew 4:12

Acts 16:21

Romans 8:28-31 where we claim a promise

in God.

If God is for us who can be against us? He created

all things for them who love God and His word.

After you claim that promise, then as it says: ‘Rest

in it’.


Keep it on your mind, it’s yours to believe; God is

always there for you!

So faith—rest and relax! God does love you very



Remember: Mercy and Miracles are God’s grace

in action!

Then just wait on Him to resolve your problems

or your issues.


I’m not saying to just quit living or stop thinking,

but to put all your trust in Him to take care of all

your problems. As the Greek word ‘Mello’ means:

mellow out and relax your soul and mind.


‘Heart’ in the Greek is Cardia, it means: the right

lobe of thinking. Not the organ that pumps blood.

We, as humans, take too many things in life too

personally. Just remember, God doesn’t need our

help, but we surly need His! He is the one in

constant control, not us.


There are 3 steps to this problem-solving device.

To claim and hold onto and trust a promise

of God. To hold onto and trust that God

keeps His word and will do as He says. To

wait and put all your confidence in Him.

That’s very pleasing to God!

To think and hold onto doctrine rationales.

To think of His word and to use it to relax

your soul and mind. To comfort and to

stabilize your thinking and your life. To

claim His promise and to wait on Him to

give you your answers.

To come up with a doctrine conclusion: to

stabilize your mind and your thinking; to

relax and not fragment your life; to relax

your soul.


These Problem Solving Devices Do Work!

They do work if you keep your trust in Him. So

put all your cares and troubles in Him, and ‘chill

out’! (God doesn’t need us, but we need Him!)


Problem Solving Device Number 4

Grace orientation to life: remember who is in

control of all things!

To learn who and what God is. These are the two

immutable things.

We all must come to know these two things as a



Problem Solving Device Number Five

Doctrine orientation to reality. To

understand His Grace through His word.


Problem Solving Device Number Six

A personal sense of destiny. This is very

important to each of us believers.


At this point we should have that personal reason

and a relaxed soul, and if we don’t, it is because

we are not walking that walk in God, as we

should. It’s not an issue of being good or bad but

to believe in His Word and trusting in His word

and applying it to our daily lives.

That personal sense of our own destiny in



Again if you are not hearing the word day by day

from your right Pastor-Teacher if you are not

taking in Bible doctrine daily, you will never

know these things which will help you in your life

and you will become defragmented to life and

become very arrogant.

And God does make war against the arrogant.


You must adjust to God because you don’t want

God to adjust to you! Read James 4:4-6. You see,

we cause more pain in our lives because we

become so arrogant; we want it our way not

God’s. As in Isaiah 55:5, His ways are not ours

and our ways are not His.


Remember this please.


Problem Solving Device Number Seven

Personal love for God the Father is from

First John 1:6. This is another very

important problem we all have in life. We

say we love God, but we don’t really know



It took me a long time to get this one right, and I

still have a very long way to go. Because as the

great hero and writer Paul of the scriptures said:

‘Why do I keep doing the things I do not want or

wish to do, yet I do not do the things I do want

and wish to do?’


What did he mean by this? For you see, we have

what is called an ‘old sin nature’. Twenty-three

commutated cells in each and every one of our



Even science proves this but they cannot

determine what it is. It is why Jesus Christ was

born from a virgin birth; it had to be this way.


Problem Solving Device Number Eight

Impersonal Love for all mankind.

This is another very important one to know.

This is the meaning for ‘Agape Love’. Apply

Impersonal Love to all first.


This is how God can love both the unbelievers

and all believers, all at first, even in our sin.

The word Agape Love’ is a perfect love for all to

know and apply each and every moment of your



Have you ever had those days? When every thing

was going your way and every thing was doing

just fine, until someone said a wrong word to



It felt like your nose was knocked out of joint.

All of a sudden your emotions were changed and

your attitude was challenged or changed, and you

were not very happy any more…what happened?

The old sin nature just took over your life. You

just let someone or something take away your



Yes, you just gave it away. I’m telling you like it

is…it happened to me too, many times and it

continues to happen but not as much any more. I

am learning these things, too.


Thanks to God’s Grace we can recover from this.

Rebound and leave it all in god’s hands!

Remember Rebound.


First John 1:9 says “If we confess our sins, He is

faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and

purify us from all unrighteousness.”

Let Him take care of the problem, He loves doing

this for us! How great you are my Lord. Thank

you God my Father!


We are not perfect. The word perfect in the Bible

means: Mature.

So as ours or any country begins to degenerate, it

is because it is lacking “Mature Believers growing

in the Word of God…Bible doctrine daily!


As it is written, you are what you think. And we

are to have the mind of the Thinking of Christ,

First Corinthians 2:16 says, “For who has known

the mind of the Lord that He may instruct him?”

This is what is meant by the saying ‘we are

created in His image.’ It’s not talking about His

body, but His thinking, His true heart.


There are so many things to learn and know

before we can understand all these things, but

there is hope for all of us. It’s called the Grace of



It’s all in His time and His grace; we are of His

creation, not of our own.


Problem solving device number 9

Sharing the happiness of God

We as people look to so many material things to

bring us happiness. We think this will make us

happy: money and wealth. right mates, marriage,

sex, and to be noticed by others.


We search for so many material things for true

happiness. But the only true thing that is a

permanent happiness comes only from God

Himself. It comes from God the Holy Spirit. It

comes from a day-by-day learning and the living

doctrine residing in our souls.


This is a gift to all of us. We don’t earn it or even

deserve it. But first we must learn to have

contentment in our minds and souls.

To have Bible doctrine completely saturated in

our souls.

Only in this way can we enjoy what we receive

from Him.


Problem Solving Device Number 10

Preoccupation with the person of Christ


Once we are in this state of mind in our spiritual

life, we will have received a total relaxed attitude.

You no longer are occupied by ‘self’. You

become occupied with Christ and then truth can

reside in your soul providing for a stable and

confident life. You no longer are afraid or feel

threatened in your own life.

You will find the inner happiness that no one

can take away.


Chapter Three

In Problem Solving Number Five, you receive

spiritual self-esteem. Self-esteem is some thing

that is so great, so wonderful that life does change

to your advantage!


Life becomes worth living, all that you have come

to know is behind you now. That’s God’s promise

not mine! I can promise it only gets better, but He

makes the promise first!


You can handle all things you always were afraid

to face before. The people in your life, your old

boss, situations, and conditions…everything has

changed in your life


God died for all of us to give us all things. It’s

yours so claim it!


There is so much to learn about in our spiritual

life. God’s plan is perfect. At one time in my life,

I did not believe there could be hope for me. I

was so very confused…sometimes, I still am, but

I am human, no better than any one, but I also

know no one is better than me. God Himself

showed that to me.


For you see, God the Holy Spirit is our true

teacher, not the pastor. Our Pastor-Teachers

‘cook our spiritual food’, and my Pastor-Teacher

is a good cook! In Jeremiah 15:16, it says, “When

Your words came, I ate them; they were my joy

and my heart’s delight, for I bear Your name!”

The Word is what this scripture means!


It means ‘what you have just heard, or after the

Pastor-Teacher has read a verse, you give a

positive volition, that is, you make a choice or

decision to believe that what you have just heard

is true.


Remember if it’s not truth then it won’t come to



That is God’s grace, it doesn’t depend on our

human I.Q. but it is of God himself, and He gives

us all a spiritual I.Q.!


That’s also part of His divine grace that He gives

to each one of us. It is His ‘grace-gift’ not ours, so

relax your mind and hearts.


Remember, if you don’t have a right Pastor-

Teacher, you will not, I repeat, you will not learn

what God has to teach you!


The link below is my Pastor-Teacher’s web site.

The information here will give you an idea of

what you need to learn, but most of all, just ask

God for His truth and to give you what you need

to grow in Him.



Also remember theWord of God is always free.


It is called prayer. Prayer is the direct

communication with God the Father. When the

apostles asked Jesus Christ to teach them to pray,

what did He say to them? He raised his head and

said, “ Father!” That’s how we all must learn to



It all starts with being in confession and

fellowship first as we read in First John 1:9.

Always make sure you are in fellowship with God

the Father or your prayers can’t be answered! So

name your sins to God the Father so you can be

filled with the Spirit.


Then when we are in the Spirit and in fellowship,

we can now pray, with full confidence that God

will hear us. He hears us always but He cannot

compromise His Perfect Integrity. Did you know

that is what the word Holy means? It means



Yes, Holy means God’s integrity!

Prayer is our best weapon we have against Satan

and all his evil minions. Here is a little prayer I

would like to say for all of those who read this

Bible Study eBook.


It might help you to pray:

“Father in Heaven we give You all thanks and we

praise Your Holy name. I come to You as a

humble servant of Yours to ask for Your blessing

and comfort in these troubling times. Protect me

from attacks from my enemies.


Father, may I be where they are not and may they

be where I am not. Father, I pray for all the lost

souls and may they find Your Word.


Father, I pray for all the hungry, may You feed

them with Your trust and Your kindness. May we

come before You in Your time and in Your great

mercies to understand these great doctrines.


Thank you Father, and fill my soul with truth that

I may become a just man/woman. I ask this in

Christ’s name and in the power You have made

available to us in the Holy Spirit. Thank You,

Father! AMEN.”



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