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Good Thoughts





Only have good thoughts about yourself,

Be proud of who you are.

For one day your time may come,

And you might just become a star.


You know you have it in yourself,

You've had it all of the time.

So why not be like that star in the sky,

And then one day you too, will shine.


© 2010 Copyright Debbie Bongiovanni-Sharp

All Rights Reserved


God Can Hear You

God can hear you,

Just talk to him,

Then if you do,

Things won't look so grim.


Tell Him how you are feeling,

And how He can help you,

You need to also do your part,

And follow everything through.


When you do you'll thank Him,

For all that you've received,

You spoke to Him and He heard you,

And now you are very pleased.


©2011 By Debbie Bongiovanni-Sharp  All Rights Reserved


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