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Encouraging Poetry Uplifts The Soul

Inspirational Poetry can uplift the heart and soul of the reader.  This Poetry Page will be open to the prose and thoughts of the readers at AngelTouchesPublishing. 

Like the submissions to the Stories And More page, you can have your poetry published right here for others to be uplifted and encouraged! 

Click on the link at SubmitPoetry and you will be taken to a submission form page. Your poetry should reflect the goodness of God's mercy, and be an encouragement to those who will read it!

Read Poetry From AngelTouches Readers!

Our readers are amazing!  To read their personal poetry, click on the Title Links below and be refreshed and encouraged!  If you have your poem ready, click on this SubmitPoetry link and send us your inspirational poems!  You will become a "published author" here at!

"Brian's Poem"

"Daddy, Are You Ready To Go?"

"Do You Know?"

"Jerusalem Stranger"

"Ponder The Path"

"Through The Waters"

"We Have This Hope"

"He Hung On The Hillside"