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Encouraging Stories of Angels Around Us

Every day, there are many stories that involve God's Heavenly Messengers.  Maybe you have a story to tell about a time in your life when you had a Guardian Angel protect you, or when you just knew in your heart that an Angel was sent to protect you and guide you through a distinct situation! 

Your story could be published here, by AngelTouchesPublishing! 

If you have had an Angel Encounter and you would like to share it with our readers here at AngelTouchesPublishing, click SubmitStory to submit your very own story!

You will be notified when your story is published!  Please remember to keep your story as true to your situation as possible.  We will not accept any content that is written in lauguage contrary to God's will!

If you have a fictional story or a poem you have written that you would like published, click on SubmitStory link.  AngelTouchesPublishing wants your story or poem, too!  "The Jewish Butterfly" is a fictional story.  Use this style to jump-start your own creative writing!  You can read one reader's poems at this link, Brian'sPoems

A very true story that happened to me tells you how our Guardian Angel saved my son's life in 1993.  It is as gripping to me as I read back the copy as though it happened yesterday!  Use this style of true reporting to tell me about your Angel story!  Click on the link MiraclesDoHappen to read this factual encounter!


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